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This document provides an explanation for carriers and vendors on how to schedule an appointment using the One Network system.

Appointment Scheduling

  1. Log on to the One Network system.
  2. To find your shipment, click on Search.

  3. A Search By field and a Retrieve For field appears.
    1. For the Search By field, make sure that you set "Shipments: by Shipment Number".
    2. For the Retrieve For field, the default choice is "Last 30 Days". To look for shipments whose pickup date is older than 30 days, select one of the other choices from the drop-down list.

  4. Type your PO number in the Search box.


    When entering your PO number in the Search box, you can enter a wildcard symbol (*), if you do not know or do not want to enter the entire PO number.
    It can be entered either before or after the PO number. 

  5. After entering the PO number, press the Enter key.
  6. A list of matching PO numbers is displayed. Find the desired PO number that is located under the Shipment column.
    • If scheduling a pickup appointment, click on Live or Drop located under the Pickup column.
    • If scheduling a delivery appointment, click on Live or Drop located under the Delivery column. 
  7. An Appointment page is displayed with a list of available appointment times. 
  8. To define how many appointments are to be displayed on the page for that shipment, select one of the choices from the drop-down list in the "Max Candidates" field – the choices are 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1.

    If there are no appointment times available in the system, the screen will show "no data". If this happens, please contact your hub to request an appointment.

  9. Select the radio button next to the desired appointment time.
  10. Click Save to schedule an appointment.

  11. A success message appears on the Appointment page along with the Reservation ID (confirmation number).
    This confirms that the appointment has been scheduled successfully. 

    When first scheduling the appointment, to find the available appointments for a different day and/or time, change the date and/or time in the "Target" field, then click outside of this field or click the Get Candidates icon. The list of appointments will be refreshed based on this new date and time. To change the "Target" field back to its original date and time, click the Reset Target Date icon.

  12. Select the radio button next to the desired appointment time.
  13. Click Save to schedule an appointment.
  14. If the hub has configured the system, you must enter a reason to change the target date.
  15. Select a choice from the drop-down list under the "Reason Code" field.
  16. Click Save.